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Friends of Well House

Upcoming Drop-in Sessions, Classes, Series, and Services.

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HypnoBreathwork (TM)

The practice of using breath awareness and conscious breathing to facilitate healing, personal growth, and transformation in mind, body, and spirit. 

This practice is dynamic and intentional. During this workshop you will be guided through specific breathing techniques in order to access deeper levels of relaxation and allow for positive suggestions to take root in your mind.

Coach Andi
Andrea (Andi) is a certified HypnoBreathwork(TM) Facilitator and Relationship Coach. She has dedicated herself to helping individuals embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Her coaching journey began with a focus on self-love, healing, and self-discovery. Through her own personal experiences with loss, she discovered her true calling in creating a safe and nurturing space for others to reconnect with their inner power and find solace in their own journey of self-empowerment.

Being an Ohio University alumna, she holds a deep connection with Athens and its community. In her practice, she collaborates with health and wellness communities to integrate the powerful techniques of subconscious reprogramming and intuitive action. By breaking old patterns and redefining relationships, she guides her clients towards a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Deep Rest & Restore

Join us as we embark on our winter journey of healing with our dear friends of Well House; Sacred Space Holders, Michael and Michelle of The Nook. Within each session we will experience a nourishing 90 minutes of restorative yoga, massage & sound. As we enjoy a gentle, fully supported asana practice we will be visiting very comfortable restorative yoga postures, passive stretching, attention to breath and awareness of sensation. All of which support stress reduction, enhanced mood, reduced pain, and improved well-being.

Practice receiving as Michael and Michelle offer hands on healing touch and will assist throughout the practice and close with a long sound bath savasana.

Michael & Michelle

Our vision, birthed from this truth, is to co-create communities where people know, at the core of their being, that they are enough. By offering Integrative Therapy, Body & Energy work, yoga and personalized retreats & ceremonies, while serving as sacred space holders, we support people in developing the skills and practices to live an embodied existence. By sharing this journey we experience healing not only as individuals but also as a collective.

Coming Soon...

Stay Tuned for more information regarding new services including Bloodwork, HRT, and Resistance Training.

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